AOE3 cheats Complete List

You should try AOE3 cheats so that you can play AOE3 game with full fun.Some time while playing game you stuck at a point.Then you need AOE3 Cheats because it helps you pass that level.

Age of empires is the series of game which was awarded as best selling game as well.AOE3 is the 3rd part of the series which was released on October 18, 2005 in North America and November 4, 2005 in Europe.There are 3 plot in this game Act I: Blood,Act II: Ice & Act III: Steel.Let me tell you something new about this version of the series.This is the real time strategy game.Audio of this game is best.This game was announced on January 4, 2005 and trial version was released on September 7, 2005.In this game you can access two random map scenarios (New England and Texas) and access to two civilizations (British and Spanish).Check Best Age Of Empires 2 Cheats For PC

AOE3 cheats

AOE3 cheats

  • Medium Rare Please – Stocks 10000 food
  • Sooo Good – Random saying when killed by infantry
  • Nova & Orion – Stocks 10000 XP
  • This is too hard – Clears current map in single player
  • Speed always wins – Building rate doubled
  • X marks the spot – Reveals map
  • Give me liberty or give me coin – Stocks 10000 coin
  • A recent study indicated that 100% of herdables are obese – All animals on map are fattened

AOE3 cheats Pc

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